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Voodoo Hot Rods P.O.P.

by MCB

In 2012, Australian-owned Voodoo Hot Rods, launched the world's first Kevlar/carbon fiber bodied '32 roadster and fully engineered tubular space frame chassis onto the world market. 

Voodoo Hot Rods stand at the Los Angeles Grand National Roadster Show in 2012


Voodoo Hot Rods Evolution 32R made its debut at the legendary 2012 Grand National Roadster Show in Los Angeles. 


The crowds were in awe of this revolutionary product. All agreed it was the most significant advancement in '32 roadster design for 80 years. Until now, ‘32 Ford hot rods have used fiberglass or reproduction steel bodies and chassis, which are heavy and not up to modern safety requirements.


Ford produced around 850,000 of the 1932 model and up until now hot rodders have pretty well stuck with either original or reproduction chassis that replicate the 80 year old design.

And when Voodoo wanted a brochure holder for use at upcoming hot rod shows and dealer showrooms, they wanted something out of the ordinary that would show off its product brochures in a stylish and effective way.

The answer - EZIPOP. The high quality board used in the construction of our brochure holders makes it easy to achieve a rich glossy black and with Voodoo's striking design, it's sure to be a standout on any counter or at any show.


The Evolution 32R Hot Rod Revolution


Australian-owned Voodoo Hot Rods, a specialist engineering and composite manufacturer, re-designed every aspect of the '32 roadster from the ground up, creating the only product of its kind in 80 years.


The result is a body that's half the weight of steel or fibreglass and offers more advantages in its design than anyone could imagine. Voodoo Hot Rods have incorporated 21st century materials and design elements into a car that was conceived early in the last century.


The Evolution 32R features side impact protection, Watts linkage front and rear for vastly improved ride and handling, rack and pinion steering and an element of safety not found in reproduction '32 Fords currently on the market.


A technical officer for the Southern California Timing Association which runs the Bonneville Speed Trials gave it the thumbs up to run at speeds in excess of 200mph, something they will not allow a conventional '32 Ford chassis to do.


There are a host of subtle changes to the Kevlar/carbon fibre body but you have to look closely to spot them and some may even go unnoticed by the most dedicated hot rodder; for starters the body comprises three modules; the outer skin, the interior module and the boot module, the latter two are bonded in to the shell to provide superior strength and rigidity (read 'safety') to the car. 


There's an extra four inches in the interior length, there are raised wheel arches and the only steel in the body are small lengths of stainless steel to provide secure internal mounting points for the door hinges and door locks, and yes, flashes of carbon fibre to emphasise the use of the unique composite material are obvious.


At its debut at the prestigious GNRS the crowds were in awe of what Voodoo Hot Rods had produced and comments such as "simply awesome" "brilliant" and "fantastic" were overheard for the entire three days of the show. 


For many hot rodders the lure of the '32 is irresistible and the availability of the Evolution 32R will further tempt hot rodders around the world to build what they consider the ultimate hot rod. www.voodoohotrods.com


EZIPOP is proud to be associated with this revolutionary hot rod product. If you would like more information and costings on how we can help you stand out from the crowd with EZIPOP brochure holders, click here.